Hunting Areas
We offer 4 different hunting experiences, you may combine them if you prefer.

Namatubis & Surrounding Areas

This is our main hunting area and all the game mentioned on the pricelist can be hunted here. The area consists of approximately 45 000 ha, half of which is high fenced and the other half has free roaming game. Moreover you'll find these flat plains covered with mopani bushveld and jagged mountains spread few and far between.

Phantom or Amolinda

This hunting paradise is situated 100 to 120km from Namatubis. It spans an area of 20 000 ha of free roaming game with no high fences. Hunting here can be done either on a one day basis, which means that you stay at Namatubis from where you have to leave early in the morning in order to return to Namatubis late that same evening, or you can choose to stay in a basic mobile camp without any luxuries. The area boasts mountains, plains and dry river beds. Phantom and Amolinda definitely deserves your consideration if you are the adventurous kind of hunter. Trophies to be hunted in this area: kudu, oryx, mountain zebra, hartebeest, springbuck and warthog.


Situated 800 km from Namatubis, the Kalahari lies in the southern part of Namibia. It is an area that moreover consists of sand dunes and grass plains. Hunting on foot is a serious challenge and longer shots of 200 to 250m would be the average. In some places this area is virtually uninhabitable and therefore in its entirety almost uninhabited … untouched. Add to this strange solitude the sight of a lone camelthorn tree and shifting dunes, and you're bound to leave with the lasting impression that you've been part of something larger than man can imagine life. A cosy lodge in the vicinity of the hunting area offers accommodation, and hunters can expect to find black-faced impala, waterbuck, springbuck, oryx and other game roaming the area.

Bow Hunting

Bow hunting can be done at Namatubis in a separate area that has been set apart for this purpose solely. You'll find 10 blinds strategically placed and spread throughout this area. Prepare yourself for nothing short of a memorable hunt.