Namatubis Tented Hunting Camp

Most hunters prefer to stay in this tented camp. Situated in rugged bushveld, it is equipped with 12 V electricity and gas, instead of 220 V power. This camp has a cosy but tranquil atmosphere, which is ideal if you plan to bring the whole family along and/or want to make relaxing part of your safari. The camp site consists of 6 tents, each with its own bathroom attached to it. A thatched lapa forms the heart of the camp and the perfect gathering place for hunters where they can spend some time with each other when they're not hunting. Comes night time, you will be treated to the finest food and drink while enjoying the crackling camp fire and glorious night sky up above, or sitting inside soaking up the cosy calmness after the day's hunt.

Mobile Camp

This camp can be put up wherever hunters want to go, but requires a stay of minimum 3 days and 3 nights. It is a very basic camp with only the most basic amenities, which makes for an extremely interesting experience that reminds one of how it was done a hundred years ago.

Kalahari Accommodation

We make use of a small Kalahari lodge that offers accommodation when we hunt in this area.